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Aquarium Maintenance, Restoration & Relocation

World of Fishes provides aquarium maintenance service to prestigious clientele since inception that is rivaled by nobody. Depending on the contract agreement between us, our professional team will visit your area weekly, biweekly, or monthly to replace and cleanse the decorations, aquarium, filtration, and to replace water if needed. Keep in mind that one of our management personnel will attend to help the team in the process and to ensure the best service is being provided and to attain your satisfaction.


Thru our fleet of vehicles and professional staff, World of Fishes prides itself to be the best ornamental fish shop to provide maintenance service all over U.A.E. So do not worry if you live far away and there are no fish shops around you and your aquarium requires maintenance service, because we got you covered!


A healthy beautiful aquarium starts with quality aquarium maintenance service. At each visit our service person will:


·        Clean your aquarium’s filtration system

·        Monitor, evaluate & modify your aquarium’s water chemistry

·        Perform a partial water change if necessary

·        Clean your aquarium’s glass and decorations thoroughly to maintain visual presence

·        Replace any dead fish and other live species *

·        Add water due to evaporation

·        Ensure that your aquarium is running at its absolute best

Aquarium Restoration before
Aquarium Restoration after
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