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Custom aquarium for commercial and residential purposes

Custom aquarium for commercial and residential purposes

About World of Fishes

Specialist in unique custom aquarium design 

World of Fishes is a general trading company that has been established in Dubai in 1986 to be the only exclusive shop who sells ready-made and customized glass or acrylic aquariums, aquarium accessories, and exotic marine and freshwater fish imported from tropical oceans around the globe.

With over 30 years of experience in the industry, World of Fishes offers free consultation and excellent maintenance solutions to customers, making use of the thorough knowledge of customer needs. Our team are handpicked and appropriately trained to provide the best quality service by giving the correct counsel and offering extraordinary support beyond the point of sale.

About us

What we offer

Our Services

Customized Aquarium

Customized Aquariums

We have assembled and installed over 550 aquariums since 1980s and our aim is to perform smooth installation from start to finish and our customers’ aquarium could speak for itself.

Aquarium Maintenance, Restoration &


We provide aquarium maintenance service to prestigious clientele since inception that is rivaled by nobody. Depending on the contract agreement between us, our professional team will visit your area weekly, biweekly, or monthly to perform the necessary tasks.

Aquarium Maintenance and Relocation


We specialize in freshwater planted aquariums and reef aquascaping. We have a wide range of aquascaping live rocks, corals, and freshwater plants in order to create a beautiful freshwater planted or reef aquarium for your personal and commercial space.

Artificial Aquascape

If you like the simplicity of Artificial aquascape in your aquarium, we can design your aquarium with variety of different artificial rocks that suits your aquarium.

Artificial Aquascape

What we offer

Our Products



Live Aquatics

World of fishes stock a wide range of tropical fish ready for you to stock up your aquarium.

Our expert team are all keen fish enthusiasts who can provide advice and help on the best aquatic setup for your fish’s health and happiness. Offering friendly and approachable staff to help you with all your aquatic needs.

With over 30 years experience, we work hard to ensure all our fish are of the highest standards of health and happiness.




Our comprehensive and wide range selection of aquarium and fish tank supplies includes filter and lighting, as well as other equipment and accessories. We are pleased to provide our customer with one of the largest selections of aquariums products available. 

To find out more about the range of aquatic products we carry please do get in touch. 


Our Projects

With more than 30 years of experience in designing and installing aquariums, our team will ensure that we have the project covered from concept to delivery including installation, ensuring every stage bears our unique touch, and leaves nothing to outside chance.

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