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Customized Aquariums

World of Fishes offers personalized theme aquarium to esteemed clients for more than 30 years with maximum satisfaction guaranteed. The early process begins by visiting the client’s location and acquiring their vision of how they want the aquarium to be and we offer our suggestions based on our experience. After determining the capacity of the aquarium, we move onto the life support system and lighting in which we will advise the prospect client on the most efficient equipment for their aquarium. Then, we discuss about fittings, which includes cover (canopy) and base (frame) of the aquarium and understand how does the client want the aquarium to look like after completion.

The last step is the design of the aquarium’s aquascape, in which we use different materials depending on the theme such as reef formation, vibrant plants, dead corals, formed rock structures formed clay structure and many more. Finally, we will guide you in selecting fish and livestock.


Depending on the aquarium’s dimensions and space availability at the client’s location, the aquarium would either be assembled in our facility or in the client’s location. Once the aquarium assembly is done, our engineers will install the light, filtration system, plumbing, and the aquascape of the aquarium. After few wet testing is done, the fish and livestock could be introduced. Depending on the water volume of the aquarium, it takes between 1 to 12 weeks for full stocking.


We have assembled and installed over 550 aquariums since 1980s and our aim is to perform smooth installation from start to finish and our customers’ aquarium could speak for itself.

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